The Vamonos Experience

A Transformational Experience to Accelerate Your Next Chapter


Oaxaca, Mexico

Our Second Cohort will launch in Spring 2025

If you’re asking “What’s Next?”… It’s time.

Time to step out of your element and into who you are meant to be.

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out… It’s time.

Time to break unproductive patterns so you can step forward with confidence & clarity.

If your voice of intuition is whispering,

“Am I really supposed to be doing this?”… It’s time.

Time to reconnect with yourself and what is important to you because you deserve a life filled with purpose, joy, fulfillment, and connection.

It’s Time for

The Vamonos Experience 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Get ready for Spring 2025

What People Are Saying

It's a Human Experience

The Vamonos Experience is a human experience. It gets you to your core and brings you back to life with clarity and purpose. The settings, the adventures, and the people are so amazing that you feel connected to the earth and to other humans. You feel whole and excited about your potential as an individual with this one precious life!

Tamara Baker, Environmental Permit Manager

A Different Kind of Professional Development Experience

If you are looking for a different kind of professional development experience than the usual 1:1 coaching regimen on Zoom, invest in the Vamonos Experience with Suzanne Roske and her team.  You’ll be immersed in a beautiful Mexican culture and surrounded by other high-powered, successful women who start out as complete strangers and become lifetime friends by week’s end. Embrace the challenge of going out of your comfort zone to push yourself to new heights – both literally and figuratively climbing mountains!  You won’t regret it, I promise.

Laura Krauss, founder Ripple Effect Sales Advisory

I Am More Present Each Day!

My decision to join the Vamonos Experience ended up being a great one in helping me think about the next steps I want to take in my life. The backdrop of Oaxaca, Mexico, made it even more special as we ate, drank, learned, and explored our way through the immense cultural and natural wonders of the region. Authentic coaching experiences, facilitated by Suzanne Roske and her team, helped participants delve into personal aspects of themselves that can sometimes hold us back and sometimes set us free, allowing us to consider ways to achieve our innermost goals successfully. 

Erica Pecorale, Long Island University, Assistant Professor

A Wonderfully Difficult Week!

The Vamonos Experience was a wonderfully difficult week. Suzanne and Kimberly’s coaching environment provided plenty of time for introspection, feeling my feelings, and challenging myself. All the while, I was surrounded by delicious foods, natural beauty, and cultural experiences in Oaxaca, which I loved. I stepped out of my comfort zone, tuned out the voices in my head, and was able to truly hear myself and who I am meant to be.

Christine Wilson, founder and CEO of MtoM Consulting

I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone and Said Yes!

When I boarded a plane to Oaxaca, Mexico, for the Vamonos Experience, I left behind my comfort zone. I didn’t say no; I said yes to crickets, ants, strangers, hard things, cacao, swinging bridges, laughter, and tears. I have spent the past 2ish years thinking about what’s next for me, but I kept coming up empty. I can’t say I know exactly what’s next, but I know that my shitty committee and my wisdom council are beginning to work better together, and that has allowed me to get into action.

Kate Arhens, Arlington Public Schools & Educational Theater Company, Parent Liasion

More Than a Retreat

The Vamonos Experience has been purposefully crafted to create your personal transformation journey.

Over the course of seven days, you will slow down, reconnect with yourself, understand and overcome self-limiting behaviors, reflect on what is important to you, and create a vision for your next chapter.

We offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with nature, immerse in a new culture, and create deep connections with like-minded individuals.

Personal & Leadership Development

Adventure & Experience

Community & Connection

Holistic Wellness

Beyond an All-Inclusive Vacation

We know that it’s hard to implement a new way of being and realize your goals when the stressors and responsibilities of your day-to-day loom over your shoulders. The Vamonos Experience is your time to hear your inner voice, unlock your full potential, and create a path to the leadership and life you truly want to live.

  • Relax and recharge at the beautiful Casa Lyobaa Resort in the serene Tlacolula Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Experience over twenty-five hours of group and individual coaching
  • Slow down & reconnect with your authentic self, values, purpose & motivators
  • Connect with your body and somatic responses through daily yoga, meditation & breath work
  • Let go of your limiting beliefs, moving from “should” to “could”
  • Define your vision of success
  • Challenge yourself & rediscover your courage with a hike in the mountain communities of the Sierra Norte
  • Experience Mexican & Zapotek traditions, including a Cacao Ceremony, a traditional Temezcal, & mezcal-tasting
  • Set your vision for the future with confidence & clarity
  • Continued support and coaching after the retreat to enhance your accountability

Whatever aspect of your life you want to transform,

this is your opportunity to create the change you truly desire.


Ready for your transformational journey to begin? 

Have questions and want to talk to Suzanne about The Vamonos Experience? 

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Who Should Attend the Vamonos Experience?

Successful, Senior and Emerging Female Leaders who are:

  • Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out
  • Ready to make meaningful changes in their professional & personal lives
  • Adventurous souls with a curious heart
  • Committed to putting in the work to make lasting change


Greatness Lies Beyond Our Comfort Zone




Your Guides

Suzanne Roske & Kimberly Manno Reott

The Vamonos Experience Promise

Guiding you on your transformational journey is our passion. We promise to:


  • Create space for individual and group learnings, through a curated program that allows you to enjoy the experiences without having to think or worry about the planning or logistics.
  • Access to exceptional coaches, facilitators, and guides —
    • Suzanne & Kimberly have over four decades of management consulting experience & experience leading facilitated workshops for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, & foundations.
    • Fernando Barnetche has over ten years of experience running adventure tours in Oaxaca, Mexico.
  • Engage with the local & indigenous communities using responsible tourism practices.
  • Support your transformation before, during & after your experience in Oaxaca.
  • Create a safe, respectful & honest environment where you feel nurtured, able to face your biggest challenges & open your heart to a new way of being.
  • Provide personal empowerment through openness & honesty, as well as practical tools to take with you into your life when you leave.

What’s Included

JOIN US – Oaxaca, Mexico I Spring 2025

All sessions will take place in Oaxaca de Juárez & San Pablo de Villa de Mitla

Pricing includes: 6 nights accommodations at double occupancy; all transportation in Oaxaca, including from/to OAX airport; all meals, including breakfast, lunch & dinner; three 1:1 Coaching Sessions; Group Coaching sessions during and after the experience; daily activities, including cacao ceremony, mercado tour, hiking trip to Cuajimoloyas & Hierve el Agua; tour of Mitla archeological site; yoga & breath work; temezcal; and zip lining.



How is the experience different than a vacation?

Unlike a vacation, the Vamonos Experience will require work that is deep and transformative. You will explore your views on success, what you want, and what may be holding you back right now. The experience will be lasting and transformative. You will return a better version of yourself. But like a vacation, you will have fun, make memories, see sites, and experience the rich culture of Oaxaca. It is the best of both worlds.

Why is there so much time on the back-end of the Experience?

I have been to many corporate retreats. I have done the trust fall, climbed the wall, walked on coals, and crossed the ropes course. They were always fun days, with great memories. But did I use those experiences to enhance my leadership skills? Nope, not once. I just didn’t have the time or know-how. The lessons learned in Oaxaca will be deep and meaningful. In order to figure out what to do with those lessons and how you want to integrate them into the leader that you are becoming, you need to make space for real-time reflection and integration.

Is the Experience safe?

The Vamonos Experience will partner with leaders in the adventure space in Oaxaca. We will leverage their knowledge of the terrain, communities, and region to manage risk. Of course, as with any hiking adventure, there are inherent risks, and you must consider your health and fitness level before embarking on the trip. Oaxaca is a city. And like cities across the world, there are good people and bad people. We will not take unnecessary risks as a group and I encourage our participants to use common sense as well. (i.e: don’t walk alone at night, don’t flash expensive electronics, jewelry, or other signs of wealth, etc.)

I have a question that isn’t addressed here. Is there someone I can speak to?

I can talk for hours about the benefits of coaching, both individual and team, and the transformative power of Oaxaca. The best way to find out if coaching or the Experience is a good fit is to book a discovery call. Be sure to include a bit of background on the nature of your question so I can address your needs, specifically.

Ready to take your leadership capabilities to new heights?


Vamonos! Let’s go!

Interested, but want to know more? 

Vamonos Executive Coaching
provides 1:1, team, and experiential
coaching retreats for experienced and
emerging leaders worldwide.


Based in Arlington, VA / Washington, DC, and Oaxaca, Mexico.


Vamonos Executive Coaching
provides 1:1, team, and experiential
coaching retreats for experienced and
emerging leaders worldwide.


Based in Arlington, VA / Washington, D.C.
and Oaxaca, Mexico.